About Trust

Shri Virji Ladhabhai K.D.O.Jain Vidyarthigriha

Shri Virji Ladhabhai Vidyarthigriha was established in the year 1903 from the home of one of the well wisher with the small corpus of only Rs.32,618/-, there after it was provided some space at the community Mahajanwadi at Masjid Bunder. The institute carried out its educational activities from there nearly 33 years.

In the year 1936, the institute was shifted to Oswal Niwas at Masjid Bunder. The building was donated by “KDO Jain Sevak Samaj’ and had carried out its educational activities from there for nearly 39 years in the name of “Shree Kutchi Dasha Oswal Jain Boarding’. In the year 1975, Smt Laxmibai Virji Ladhabhai donated her bldg “Laxmi Niwas’ situated at Ghatkopr to the Institute. From that year the institute is carrying its educational activities at this independent building under the name of “Shri Virji Ladhabhai KDO Jain Vidyarthigriha’ at Cama Lane, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai -86.

The object of the institute is to provide lodging, boarding, clothing, books, school fees and other facilities to the students of KDO Jain community. Further the institute also award prizes, scholarship, loans and such other financial assistance as may be necessary to the deserving students for their educational purposes, to impart and encourage industrial, commercial, technical, religious and general education to promote culture amongst the students for their overall development.

Students from 5th to 12th are being admitted totally free i.e. Lodging, Boarding and all other expenses are borne by the institute. The Institute also provides them all other facilities totally free of cost for their overall development such as computer education, music, Karate and physical exercise, educational and religious tours etc.etc.

The Trust further wants to expand its area of activities to ensure that each and every youth is well educated and prepared as a responsible citizen. We also propose to provide them various technical & employment oriented courses at the Institute.

A capacity of the hostel building (proposed new building) is to accommodate nearly 115 students at the Vidyarthigriha. At present (for academic year 2013/14) there are 55 students has taken admission in the hostel for pursuing their studies from 5th to 12th std in the high school section and Chartered Accountancy, Business Management and other higher educational and technical courses in the college section.

We are also proud to add that last several years our students have excelled in their educational performance and our HSC & SSC results are 100%.

Similarly our students take part every year in various educational competitions; activities organized by various institutes, authorities and have been awarded various prizes, performance certificates number of times.

The institute is managed by Shri Virji Ladhabhai Vidyarthigriha Trust and Managing Committee, consisting of various well known professional, educanalist and business people. We may add that many of themes have been the past students of this institute.

Since the existing Vidyarthigriha Building (Laxmi Niwas) has limitation of the structural facilities required by a modern hostel, we are reconstructing the Building with all amenities and infrastructure to meet the requirement of the students required for their overall developments.